Thursday, May 15, 2014

Delicious High Tea

Hi peeps :D
Today's post is about Delicious High Tea @ St. Mary Residences

 Although many people say that their high tea set quality is not so good, but I still have the urge to try it because i think it looks good and the price is so reasonable. :D 
 And it proved that I am right :D !
their high tea set is about RM 70 (included taxes), so it's only  RM35 per person and you can enjoy lots of scrumptious food 
 St Mary Residences ' s delicious ( near to pavilion )

 My High Tea Date 
 Each High tea set included 2 choices of hot coffee or tea ( you can choose either latte or cappuccino too! Not only limited to long black :D )
Spicy Chai Latte ( If you are a fan of cinnamon , ya, you will like it, but if you are not, i can just say that it is very thick, creamy,and rather too sweet for me ,so is not suggestible to order this for the high tea )
 For the first tier, we got our Favourite Lemon Meringue Tart
The texture is very smooth and also the lemon filling is just the perfect taste how meringue should be 
For the second tier, Scones ( taste awful since it had a big smell of oven :O) 
Chocolate truffle
rosemary and cheese cookies 
Strawberries with chocolate dip 
Third tier, Duck confit tartlets 
And assortment finger sandwiches (which is the most satisfying one )

This is some close up :) 
Black Caviar with tuna 

Darl favourite...Smoked salmon sandwiches ! Don't think that this is just an ordinary sandwiches, it could really satisfy your taste bud. once you bite it, you can  taste the freshness and pepperish of smoked salmon heh ! 

Someone was very happy with her favorite 

Outfits :D 


Delicious St Mary Residences
website : Delicious

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