Friday, June 7, 2013

Guang Zhou

Hey peeps! Sorry for not updating blog recently due to my laziness D:
I went to Guang Zhou this holiday and truly, I did have a lot of fun!

The first 3 days, we stayed to Shun De 顺德
we reached there about 1.30am, and my sis already booked a hotel which near to the airport to stay one night, and something happened... we thought there would be someone come and pick us up to the hotel at the late night but it's not. we waited there for about 20 minutes and keep calling up the people in charged to pick us up, but they told us that we didn't book the hotel...wth? Okay fine, after that, we were glad to meet a malaysian who were so enthusiastic. she helped us to book a hotel and like finally, we could sleep! trolll!

Shun De is a place which selling a lot of furniture, the price is extremely CHEAP! but you need to be patient to find out those good quality furniture, too bad, i was not that patient - -. I was like a dead monster on that 3 days.

 Quite muddy 

Day and night at Shun De.

Some typical dishes! Their portions are always come with BIG size, and with cheap price too, so don't ever order so many dishes since you can't finish all of it...(like us) lol
 Love their street a lot! Full of trees!
 Little Vintage Corner

A must visit place!

陈添记 located at a small alley
Must try out their fish skin! Thumbs up!
Their dishes are on the middle row of the collage! 
The middle of the last row--长沙臭豆腐 (the best smelly toufu i had) Must Try! (although it smell does nauseate you, but it really taste good!)

 My camera lens effect after being in a aircond room for a night- - Mist! 
 So vintage right! Love Love! 

 Mist again :X

 looks like 御花园 hor!

 My new watch-- only costed me about RM7.90 !
 Anyone willing to accompany her?

the 6th day, went to shamian da jie just to pay a visit to their starbucks which recommended by the web! and there are so not china lolll! I felt like i was at somewhere in Europe hahaha! 

so pretty right! 

 The car spoiled this photo - - ( there were a lot of model snapping picture) as you can see in the photo( the girl with a pink dress :D) but too bad no one snap for me ;(
 Starbucks :)
 On the last day, we decided to have our dinner at this pretty coffee house which located at 上下步行街
their decoration is too attractive

 Selca x)

Bought a lot of stuffs in this vacation since everything is super duper cheap. if you feel like adding some pretty clothes to your wardrobe, just pay a visit to guang zhou and grab all the cheap and good quality clothes! 

btw, my sista lost a luggage when coming back to singapore. hope there will be some good news for us , pray hard! 

that's all for today! (such a long post yea) but thanks for scrolling down to the end! :D have a nice dayyy!

Peace On Earth 

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