Monday, May 6, 2013

What I Wear fashion event

Hey everyone! Here is the details about the fashion gathering ( since my previous post already posted my outfit post) :)
So, a very big thanks to BnanaLady who invited me to this gathering (yet, i think i am not counted as a fashion blogger lol)

WIW is came from Indonesia, it seems like chictopia or lookbook
Here is their website

OOTD captured by them
I looked so pale- -

 I am the third person to reach there! (3 is my lucky number!!!) what a coincident ! hehe

 They got us a vendi size of free drink! SO GOOD! 
 Two Chong Hwa's students! B.nana Lady( the cutest) and Joanne (she looks so mature!)!
Check out their blog for the what i wear gathering blog post ;)
 The person in charged- BOB! (came from Indonesia)
 Discussing the events that we would like to have

Here come with our favourite snapshots! haha! 
 Max, Brian, Chuii, Spellman, Joanne and Bernice! 

 3 of us! Ok la i am the shortest one :(
 awkward hand pose 
 (Since i am too short, so, i have no choice) 
 Pretties from Indonesia!! Super adore them
They are currently studying in LimKokWeng! So i keep asking them about the uni and what are they studying! haha!
Pretty Alice
 Chuii- she is sooo cute right!!
 Elreena ( hats owner!)
 Nana! She lives near by my house! Friendly neighbor :D
Satsya (braces girls) :P
The couple ! Lisa, Shamsul

Lastly! Group photo! (spot me spot me)!

Thanks to WIW who had organized this fashion gathering, it did inspire me a lot and I hope that I could have another chance to attend fashion gathering in the future ;)
Nice to meet all of the fashion bloggers !

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