Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vienna Cafe

Hey peeps! Today gonna blog about Vienna Cafe at KLCC and! stuffs I bought by using BN vouchers lol!
I spent all of my vouchers at Kinokuniya as their books nicer~ Although their price is quite expensive compare to others, but, worth la!

Mumsie and I went to Vienna Cafe to have our breakfast

 Old vintage style~
Various choices of cake! But I didn't get the chance to try it since I was too full D: But I saw many people commented at foursquare that their Tiramisu is quite nice! So, will find the chance to try it! 
 Located at 3rd floor!
 Love their roof top design! So dreamy~

We ordered the almost same one lol- -
Scrambled eggs croissant, come with coffee or tea. RM15
Turkey ham, cheese and egg! Come with coffee or tea too! RM16
It did look like a small portion, but it could fill your tummy up. Serious!

Their food is quite nice, recommended ya! 

Then, went to book store to buy my stuffs! :D
Taddaaa! Splendid! 
My favourite Style Nanda ! Idea book for styling! Style nanda is trending in korea now as their clothes are fashion and good in material! 
Another styling book :D

After that, I have nothing to buy already, then, I saw something....
Magazine came with bag..(that's why I choose kinokuniya) hahaahaha! 
 Fallen in love with this at the first glance. It seems like matching with any of the outfits ha! 
Here is their website
Bape Bag! casual hand carry bag! (actually it is for man one, but nevermind la! looks so nice!)
 Bounty hunter headset for mum!
 I kept asking her to buy some bag but she didn't want at all - -, so no choice, I need to buy 2 bags to finish all the coupon! 
Lastly! A sketching book bought by Bernice! She gave this to me because she had already bought the same one lol ! haha! btw, thanks ya :D

Lastly, a very big thanks to BN for buying me all of this! Yet, I will still support Pakatan Ubah! 

that's all for today! enjoy your day :P

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