Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Apartment Cafe

Hey! Here is the post about The Apartment Cafe which I have mentioned in the last blog post! So, The Apartment Cafe has 2 branches which held in KLCC and The Curve!

 The Apartment @ The Curve 

 Love this a lot!
 Bathroom Area~
 Bedroom Area~
Their decoration is so creative right! As they want you to relax while having your food! 
Me, sitting on the bed -.-

Their drinks and food are quite nice too~
 Iced Chocolate
And here is the 2 course meal which only costed us about RM19.90 per person
So cheap right! You can choose your appetizer and main course meal~

 Bernice's Soup

 Potato Fried Chicken

My favourite eggplant with tomato
 Baked fish with cheese

You should have a try since their prices are quite cheap and reasonable compare to others. ( Usually one meal already cost us about 20~30 bucks right? ) But here you could enjoy two course meal with the nearly prices! 

 Here is their website!

 That's all for today :D

Peace On Earth

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