Friday, February 1, 2013

The beginning of Feb

Hello! It has been a week I didn't touch my blog..since..I was waiting for this outings day with my beloved one ! heh! Thanks to Bnanalady for helping me to capture all of this outfits post! :D

Shhh, no one know where is this right? ( the guard warned me after I took the photos lol! Since there is not allowed to take any photo, yet, I already took, so..)
 With Michelle ! She is the first one went to the college! Miss her so damn much !

 Bought this little harry potter shade! hahahahaha!
 Looks so cute 
Flora Dress got from my sister's wardrobe 
Boots : Ssamzie
Bag: Mirrocle, Fahrenheit 
 I look so nerd here D:

Big Four is love ! Really hope our friendship could last long till forever :)!
Short post here, hope you all enjoy it :D 

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