Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year

Helloo! Happy Chinese New Year ! Ulala~
Have you all went back to your hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year? I did ( can get a lot of angpaos eh)! My hometown is at Penang! ( I am so glad with it hehe) since Penang has a lot of delicious one :P

I am here to blog about some outfits that I wore for the first 3 days of CNY!
 The First Day! Reddish! We used to wear something red on the first day of Cny to get some luck right? I think so haha!
Top: padini
Bottom: Bugis street,singapore
Sling Bag: coach
 The second day!
All brand new! Especially with my lovely maroon skirt! Credits to my mum! So freaking happy when she got this for me !
Top,Skirt : Bugis Street, Singapore
Bag: Mirrocle, Fahrenheit 88

The only one outfits that I had taken - - So sorry with it D: Since I didn't have a photographer who was willing to take photo for me 
Lovely one 
Third day! Skirt day again! HA!
Top : Sungai Wang, 6th floor
skirt : cotton on
Accessories : Most of it are from Singapore
I had been wondering for so long when I was trying to buy this shirt! Although it is quite cheap! haha! because I have no idea how to match with it when I haven't get the skirts! 
It costs me only RM19! so cheap right! 

Besides, my new black sling bag which is from Mirrocle one, is only RM27.90! 
WTH! It is soooo cheap right?!!!!
At first I couldn't believe on my eyes, just because I never meet this kind of situation before LOL!
And of course! I won't miss the chance to get this sling bag! 
(faster grabbed)!

By the way! I would like to introduce a cafe which is belongs to Plan B, but in japanese style!
It located at One U, Isetan 

 Everything is just same, just the bottom there is with the Japanese words!

 Flat White
 My Afocado 
Before I ordering this, I keep asking my sis and my mum :" what is afocado?"
Then my sis answered me:" Ohh! Neh, that green colour one! so healthy one!"
Did you get what she means? 
Then I was like >> -.-"
At the end, I ordered it to have a try! 
Conclusion is - Afocado= Vanilla Ice-cream + Espresso!

Taste is not bad, but a little too sweet for me haha! ( I prefer sour one)

That's all for today! 
I am going to blog about Chinese New Year - Penang trip in the next post!

Stay Tune ! :D


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