Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY bunting flags card

Hey peeps! I am here to post a tutorial about how to DIY a Bunting flags card!

tadaa! This is what I am going to do! 
Okay! I knew most of us are afraid of doing a card by yourself because it will definitely become so ugly when you have done doing it LOL! 
But! you must at least try what! Like me! This is my first time doing a bunting flag card cause it seems like so trendy now! haha!

Here is it! 
 Prepare a small card with any colour that you like!
Cut the colour papers into triangle pieces!
 You can get this in any cake shops! Since I stole this from my mum one! heh

Stick the bunding flags neatly on your card!
Sew on the card! And it's done! 
Birthday Card for my beloved sister :D!
Just try to do it on yourself as you can save the money from buying a card! Right? 
(although mine is not that perfect D: )

Outfits of the day
 Sorry for the blurry image again - - hahahaa! I think I am too pretty till the camera can't focus on me D:
 High-waist short from Romp
Random long sleeve shirt
Spikes necklace from Vincci
Coach sling Bag
Selca in the toilet!
I need a photographer ARGH! Has no one to take photos for me ! Sad thing!

Bye now! Tons of homework are still waiting for me! 
Have a nice day :D

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