Sunday, January 6, 2013

Samsung nx1000

Hey peeps! It's 2013 now!Did you celebrate your new year with family or friends? I bet you all had celebrated it! But not me D; k, this was too bad, I was just staying at home on the new year eve! (with korea drama?) I knew this was too bored, but no choice, my mum would not let me out until late night since she is worrying about me all the time- - SIGH! But! I swear i will go celebrate with my fellow friends this year! Go banana with my friends !
Happy 2013! I am officially 18 years old now! I can go into the cinema to watch any any any movies without bothering those securities ! YAY

Btw, I had bought a new camera! Samsung nx1000!

 Lovely Baby white nx1000
Here is some jokes before I got this camera- -
Before that, I had ordered the white colour one, after that my mom told me that white colour is out of stock (WTF?!) I felt like crying when dreamt that I am going to get the pink colour one! gosh! Then, when I went to the shop that day, the promoter was trying to unboxing for us, then I saw the leather case is white colour one, then I was like wtf again since it doesnt match with baby pink! I keep nagging my mum about that bla bla bla then after a while, my sis told me that my camera is white colour one, then i turned back my head and shouted and of course!keep telling the promoter don't change it! lol! every staffs was staring at me ( awkward moment D;)
Stuffs in the box!
This camera is build in with wifi ! You can share the photos straight with your camera without using computer! So convenient right!

Here is the video introducing about nx1000 

Here's some photos capturing by nx1000 :)


As you can see I am holding my phone, I was using the mobile link to capture my photo :D
  Aztec dress, Vintage watch, Spikes bracelet from Bugis Street, Singapore
Photos captured by Nx1000

That's all for today! 
Happy 2013! 

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