Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Friendship is love

Peace Logo at Fahrenheit 3rd floor,Parkamaya
So freaking happy when I saw this logo,and of course...
I will not miss the chance hahaha! ( me with the Peace logo) 

K back to the topic, went out with my dearest baby today! 
Have known her for 10 years! and our friendship is still counting! It's really hard to maintain a relationship in the real life,but so glad that we have no this problem :D!
She is getting pretty and prettier oh my gosh! Is going to be a pretty babey in the future! Winks Winks *.^
Here are some crazy photos loll! 

Love her so muchh! <3 p="p">

By the way! I bought a new vintage watch! 

Heh!Guess how much is it!! Bought it from Singapore, Bugis Street! 

Only cost $5 , that means only RM12 
So freaking cheap right?! hahahahaha! I knew! 
because all of this vintage watches are so pricey, and I just saw some of it today, it cost RM80+ or even RM100+ !
K, this is just too expensive for a student, and I just wear it to match my clothes, so i think it is not worth at all if you buy it with the price up to RM50+.
(for my own opinion la)

That's all for today
Next blog post is about my new camera!
Will blog about it when I got this :) stay tune.
Have a nice day!

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