Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hey everyone! It's another lovely Sunday again! Here is a short post since tons of homework are still waiting for me D: .I have been finding a maroon skirt for one months,okay, i knew this is quite crazy, but how weird that I couldn't find a plain MAROON SKIRT in whole KL - - wtf! ( Maybe I was too yim zim) D;
Until yesterday, I went to Sungai Wang's cotton on, I found it with a reasonable price! yay yay yay! Although it is not the kind I want, but it's okay la, better than no
Sorry for the blurry image D;, my camera just couldnt focus itself LOL, maybe I am too pretty ! hahaha I am kidding!
Both top and skirt are from cotton on
(I haven't tell you the price right? ok, my maroon skirt just cost me RM30!)
So cheap right? Original price is RM59 lol! Just go grab it if you are interested with it! 
That's all for today! 
Have a nice day :D

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