Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hohoho! Merry Christmas everyone! As I mentioned before, I have no any celebration this year! And I just being in the house like a nerdy D: Okay, fine! Just blog about Christmas to get some "christmas feel" for myself!

Had been begging my mom to get me some mold to make some christmas cookies, but my mum just ignored me as I will not eat it after making it! hahaha! I probably make it to capture LOL

 So..I just can grab some photo from the net and post at here :(

How adorable is this ! Lovely ginger bread cookie! 
Snowman Cupcakes! Get me one!! Anyone ? x)

Yet,I was not giving up on making some christmas cookies at all! 
I saw an idea in instagram! haha let's move on to the tutorial!

 Firstly, prepare some oreo, pretzel and nuts!
 And also salad cream!
And then, cut the pretzel into two pieces

Put the pretzel on the oreo!

And last! put the smiley face on the oreo!
I knew this is quite fail!!! HAHAHA so freaking ugly - - 
Okay, but this is quite usual also. you just can't do exactly the same or pretty one as the photo ..sigh! 

My christmas outfits is here! 
 Top and shorts : Sungai Wang
Bracelet bought from Batam,Indonesia. Love it so much! It is easy to match with any outfits
Can you see me???
Christmas decorations at singapore! Their decorations are much more better than here as you can see it! 

Lastly, wish you all enjoy your Christmas! 
Merry Christmas!!
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(sorry if I have any grammar mistakes :0! I am trying to improve my english currently ><)

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