Sunday, December 23, 2012

Doomsday Loves

Today is 23.12.2012! Means, 21.12.2012 had past! Okay, we are now still safe on the earth LOL!
Yet! Christmas is around the corner! Too bad that my house has no any celebration TT

Let's blog about the outings! Went to bangsar with the loves one!
Okay don't blame me! HAHAHAHA!Form 2 basketball gang! (How chubby were I ) D: 3 years ago~
And now! all of us had changed a lot! 

Everyone looks prettier! Me too right?! (Okay, I knew it ) ^^V

 felt so happy when hanging out with them! And for sure! we will have the next and the next time! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

My outfits of the day
                                    Top: sungai wang (with DIY studs)
Skirt :FOS
                      Clutch: F Block (bernice)
          Shoes: Cotton on
The camera is not mine!

Quite love this matching 

Lunch at marmalade with the girls! 

 Green Eggs 
Peace yay! The food is nice and with the reasonable price (Just same with others cafe), and the surrounding is so comfortable too! So just visit it if you have the chance!

Captured by Bnanalady !
Look like a shop owner? Might be in the future!

My blog had put on the nuffnang ads! Feel so nervous about it, cause I just can't imagine that I could earn money from it LOL! 
 That's all for today! Byee :D

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