Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 of march

Hello peeps! Finally done with my standardized test and get some time to blog! HEH!
short outfits post here~
Went out to celebrate Bernice's birthday after school!

 Love this outfits so much because I used a lot of time to think about how to match it lol! haha!
Had been wondering on how to match a collar+sweater! And this is my masterpiece!
Top: both of them are from Mirrocle, Fahrenheit
Bottom: Mlphosis 
Oxford shoes: cotton on
And she! is my photographer! Our main target >>>>!
 Taddaaa! A very Happy Birthday to you my dear bestie! 
 Hope you like our surprise ya :D!
Group photo @ BENs!

That's all for today :D! 

Peace On Earth 

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