Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A day with them

Hey peeps! My mood is here again! So...I would like to blog about the day i went out with my bestie!We had planned since thousand years ago to go to the klcc park to have some outdoor picture!
Although the skill was not that good. but at least we had fun right? :D
Our outfits for the day (look like fashionista right ;P)
 My outfits for the day! 
 An owl necklace
Paris Bracelet from Bnana Lady <3 p="p">

 Capturing around!
 Here is my bestie bnanalady outfits :D
Her Blog : (Bnana Lady)
Love her combination a lot especially the maroon skirt! 

3 types of mic and matching ! 
 Another goes with the "vampire"
 purposely add the maroon hat and the spec for her! look more attractive right? 
Look like a korean!
with bernice's Ring

After that, went to pavilion to meet up with Kit Teng and Xiao Hui :D
went to Sushi Tei to have our lunch

 With Kit Teng! This girl is going to leave next year :( our gang is going to less one! sigh, btw, wish her will be successful in the future and do remember to keep in touch ya :D
 With XiaoHui 

Food time!
 Bernice's salmon sushi
And mine shoyu Ramen! Since I was sick on that day..so I could only eat this ..

 Without Vest :D
Bought this pretty bow necklace at H&M..as you saw the previous post that I was wearing this necklace for the dinner 

That's all for today! Bye :D

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