Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Hi peeps! I am here again to share a coffee shop! A good idea for having your breakfast :D
 Last Sunday breakfast at Antipodean, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsa!
 It's full of people! @@
 So, you might know the food is delicious! haha
We were waiting for around half an hour to get the seats- -..duh

 The Coffee Bar inside the restaurant, so inside just like a "club". full of those rock songs, i think without it is better :0 
 Their Cappuccino 

Order a big breakfast and All day breakfast! RM19 for each! so cheap right ? :D But main point..full of scramble eggs ! haha

And this is the Banana Pancake with butter scotch! 
Taste good NOMM
btw. me mum and sis bought 3 pairs of jelly bunny! So..each of us one pair- -
The grey one is mine! teehee! gonna mix and match with it! it is so comfortable for wearing! Price is around RM19-49, not very expensive right!? haha! so you can grab it on the ground floor of bangsa village, LYN :)

Okay. time to get back to my room to study for my trial exam :(, 4 more days to go! good luck to me

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