Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Moment

Hello! It's quite a long time I didn't update my blog due to my laziness :X I am sorry!
So, I went out with B.nana Lady , Michelle and Lois!
Here some photos :D
Outfits for the day! Quite in love with these outfits because it was the first time I wore the hat walked around! 
My bestie! B.nana Lady She is so fashionable! 
 Went to En'Ginza Cafe at Tokyo Street Pavilion!
Went there just to have a cup of coffee which has the cartoon on it! 
 Here the normal one
 My smurff!
 Bnana Lady's chibimaruko! So lovely right ? You can have your own order!
 Lois's !
TWG Tea at Pavilion! Their Macaroons are so nice! Really really nice! Highly recommend! Macaroon with smell of tea! 
I am going to buy this! :D 
So, here for today BYE :D

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