Friday, March 2, 2012


Half more hour till my birthday! Kinda excited now! hahaha! hope it will be a good good day for me! Before that, I would like to share some photos which captured by me. I am kinda proud of it LOL.!
The Garden outside my house.

 Starbucks, Coffee Latte.
 Owwhh Babee,finally I got my starbucks card! Like it so much!
 Present for my primary school's friend! Cheng Kyei.
 Captured all of this during the reccess time! AHA! so nice right? I knew :P The besties in my life! I love them so much!
 Thanks Bernice for being my model! I love this picture so much!!
 heh heh, imma inside the photo. Captured by KitTeng.
 We Love Paris, captured by me, and the Effiel Tower was drawn by Bernice.
And lastly! Saw it? My cutest Jay Chou! hahahaha! I keep laughing when I saw this picture! He's so damn cuteeee <3.

Going to update my blog tomorrow! See Ya :D

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