Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Bello and Happy Chinese New Year :D
Before Cny, I went to Pavilion with Yanqi to meet my dear Jay Chou! Oh god, it totally gonna kill me- - I stood there for 4 hours, but I am still happy hehe :D! Did you see Jay? with the orange colour shirt!

 Besides, during the cny, I also went back to my hometown Penang! Yippi! Went to Kek Lok Si, oh god, those decoration really drove me crazy - - so damn awesome!
 Taddaaa! soooo beautiful right? :D
Penang "zhu cheong fun", totally different with KL one :O
 Sea's View at  Straits Quay
 Gambling with my friends YOOHOOO!
Happy Chinese New Year! and it was so many homeworks waiting for me, sucks thing ever!- -
I hate homeworks! I hate Oral!
Tata! have a nice day :D

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