Monday, November 18, 2013

Artisan Roast HQ, PJ

Finally get the chance to visit Artisan Roast HQ in PJ since I am working at my dad office. It is only 3.8km from the office, so, never miss any chance to explore the new cafe  huh!
 It's quite weird to find a cafe  in the industry area, but who cares? as long as I could find it ha!

Their design is quite unique, don't you think so? ;) Kinda factory-like
Love their creativity. Using the pipe instead of some costly equipment to match with the light bulb
 The cafe has two floors. I requested to go up but too bad the upper section is closed :( so, maybe next time? 

 they only providing dessert and coffee, so better don't go with a empty stomach

 They are selling Smooshie Juice too! I tried it before at Red Bean Bag, Publika, it taste really great! For those who want some refreshment, just go and grab it! 
 Favorite part in the cafe

Piccolo Latte with Soy Milk RM11

 Carrot Cake packed with nuts RM6 .Crunchy texture and sweet-less is always my FAVORITE !! I am a fan of sweet-less cakes , so....I  don't mind to have the second piece! haha
Monday accompanied by a cup of piccolo latte really made my day
Can't wait to visit the next cafe! Stay tune and have a nice day!  


Chery Building, Jalan 13/2, Sekseyn 13,Petaling Jaya

Contact : +60379318978

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